• My experience during the Neurodynamic Breathwork Online workshop truly gave me a new birth and life! I found my life purpose last night !!! For almost the last 20 years I have gone to class and seminar after seminar and these breathwork meditations have been the most powerful and graceful form of healing and integration I have experienced. I am excited to make NB a part of my ongoing spiritual practice! Thank you, Michael, for making this available and for your loving compassionate energy. Thank you.

  • I came in to this Neurodynamic Breathwork Online experience with no expectations. Very quickly, I went to what felt like another dimension. I floated among the stars and I was like ” so it is what happens when we die. Is this where we come from?” I remember thinking in a flash “maybe humans are stuck on earth because we have forgotten our ability to float among galaxies”. I became part of the scenery of the galaxies then felt overwhelmed by the beauty of life and death, wanting to laugh and cry of joy at the same time. I stopped the breathing at one point because I didn’t feel I needed to breath at all. I kept feeling so grateful thinking it was such an amazing beautiful experience.

  • I was skeptical that doing an online breathwork experience would take me to the same depth of experience as other in-person breathwork sessions that I’ve done. I was wrong! I was blown away at the ease with which I was able to get out of my day to day mind and surrender to a deep, mind-expanding, healing experience! Wow! All that after work in 90 minutes without leaving my home! I’m sold! Thank you, Michael, for creating such a safe space for me to have my experience, you are amazing!

  • ...for the past couple of weeks, while there are still evidences of some latent memories that need reprocessing, most of the experience has been of direct communication with my higher self (<-insert whatever term suits you here) and guidance for the future. I have had a vision what my true vocation in life is and have taken the necessary prerequisite steps to begin life on that path. It has been wonderful to find all of this wisdom and guidance, sitting there waiting to be heard. Gratitude

    Andrew S.
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